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To My Customers and Friends,

For years, my husband and I and our two sons, moved around a lot because of my husband's career. I would always call my parents regularly and write to them, but my mother said she would never feel comfortable about our move until she had visited us for the first time in our new home. When thinking of us, the only images that would come to mind were of me and my family in a strange, impersonal place. It was like putting us in a jigsaw puzzle where all of the pieces around us were blank. After her first visit though, she said she could go home and feel at peace when she would think of us because she could picture us sitting at the table in our new kitchen, working in the garden, or playing in the yard. She could see my children sleeping peacefully in their beds. Once again, our day to day lives were no longer strange to her.

In this age of technology, we have gained so much but have also lost a lot without the personal contact. Part of what I am trying to accomplish here is to make myself less of a stranger to you. I would like you to have an image of who I am in your mind's eye, of what I stand for, and what you can expect from me. I want to try to put color into all of those blank pieces.

I don't believe that business is just business. I believe it is personal. I believe it requires trust and respect for each other. I believe that we should act toward others the way that we want others to act toward us. I don't believe that it is always an easy path, but I do believe that it is a rewarding one. When I went into business it was with the commitment that I would deliver a good product and with the realization that I had a responsibility to give my customers the best service that I could. What I have learned from my art, my business, and my customers has gone far beyond my expectations.

I love creating beads. I love exploring the medium and trying new things. I love the fact that someone can take one of my pieces and create a work of art that is uniquely theirs but still retains a piece of me. I am amazed at what my art can become with the help of another artist's talent and vision. My beads are only the beginning…..

*Mary Ann Williams Lampwork Beads*

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